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The Boyz II Men - Silent Night

Silent Night Holy Night All is calm All is bright Round yon Virgin Mother and child Holy infant So tender and mild Sleep in heavenly peace Sleep in heavenly peace .

The Boyz II Men - Let It Snow

Let it snow, let it snow Let it snow on me Hey, it's another Christmas holiday It's a joyous thing let the angels sing Cause we're together اضرار الزنجبيل We got a thing can't let it slip away Go outside it's raining sleet When our bodies meet I don't care about the weather Chorus: Let it snow, let it snow Outside it's cold but the fire's blazin' So baby let it snow Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow Brian McKnight: Come over here and help me trim the tree I wanna wrap you up baby Then you'll see you're the only present I need There's so much more Waiting for you in store From this precious day I can gladly say There's no place I'd rather be I know you are my everything Come a little closer God must have sent you down from heaven Chorus Let it snow, let it snow Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow I don't care what the weather may be As long as you're here with me .

The Boyz II Men - Share Love

It's the time of the year again for you to share All the love that you have With every woman and every man to share love Christmas day is here And the Lord is what is near To share love with your family and thank God for allowing you to see that Chorus: Christmas is the time to share With the one you love share good things Joy, glad tidings Share love Giving all you have this day Lets the world know you care And you will be there to share love Families all around Children are happy with what they found Giving things on this day and thanking our God For teaching us the way to share love As the snow is falling down Presents unwrapped underneath the tree Bringing tidings of great joy to every little girl and boy, you know Chorus Now the true meaning of Christmas Is falling on your knees Thanking the Lord for what he's done Giving the world is only some Chorus (repeats twice) .

The Boyz II Men - Your're Not ALone

Girl you're so sad He was the very first love you had But he hurt your heart real bad He just let your feelings a stray And on a holiday Go ahead and cry Let me clear each tear from your eye And maybe sing you a lullaby Let my heart beat be your guide To a cure inside I know that it's oh so hard to let go Give yourself time to heal take it slow Let's talk as the rainbow colored lights make the tree glow I'm your friend I will be here for you till the end 'Cause I don't want wanna see you hurt again I can be the key for your heart to mend Chorus: 'Cause baby you're not alone The pain in your heart is strong Baby let me hold you in my arms Let me be your protector from harm 'Cause no one should be alone On Christmas How could he do Such a thing to one as good as you? Gave him your all And I know that it's true Had a gem and didn't know what to do But baby I'm here to tell you that I'm yours if you want me These feelings I've held in too long You've been on my mind Girl you know I'll never lie Love is so kind I opened a prayer That by the Lord's grace you would come my way And receive love that won't go away Celebrate this occasion With gifts of joy on his birthday On this night I'll fill all your empty spaces inside As the snow falls I'll make it alright 'Cause this day is for sharing And no one should be without some one caring Chorus Mike's monolauge: Girl this Christmas you won't be alone You don't have to cry You don't have to worry about a thing All the gifts that you wanted this year Are your's You don't have to worry about him no more 'Cause he's gone Don't live in the past baby I'm your future All the feelings that I have Are here for you Anything .
that I can do To take away any problem That you may have or have had I'm here Just say Michael And this Christmas is your's Chorus (repeats three times) .

The Boyz II Men - A Joyous Song

Love over flows around this season Our hearts find pleasure in the simplest of things It brings joy to a child When he sees all the decorations hanging all around The birthday of our king We sing praises to you People gather around to see a tree Light up the sky for all of the world to see Of all the holidays that exist None makes more happier than this one Chorus: I see love all around this world In every man, woman, boy, and girl The time is so right and I'll say Thank you Lord It's so great to be alive Because it's all about love As we sit around the fire place Windows fill with snow as it flutters down and gives the ground a glow I feel your kisses Your warm embrace Kneeling as we pray To thank our Lord for what he's done for us Time stands so still As I touch your hand it says things to me words never will I feel it (it's easy to feel) peace all the way inside Joy from a stranger as he walks by and says Hi, Merry Christmas to you and yours May you receive everything you wish for and more I see love Chorus (repeats five times) .

The Boyz II Men - Why Christmas

*Mike and Wanya talk in the beginning:* Mike: Hey, what's wrong squirt? Wanya: I don't know man. Sometimes around this time of year I just get depressed. Mike: Man, this isn't the time of year to be depressed. It's the time to be happy and giving, man. Wanya: You know, sometimes I think about things that are happening in the world today, things I didn't have. I just feel like crying. Mike: We all feel that way sometimes. But, it'll be alright. Wanya: I just, I just wonder why. Every day at this time of year I wonder time and time again Why are kids suffering? All of the tears 'cause being caught in the crossfire (Why?) Somebody tell me why As the joyous day comes along The eldest feel there's something wrong He's looking for Mom but she's not there Kids are looking for reindeer in the air Chorus: She messed up again Why? My brother and my sister They ain't got no toys What am I supposed to do When growing up for me wasn't joy? It's gonna be a why Christmas It's gonna be, it's gonna be a A why Christmas No one was there but Grandma and her friends A time of heartache is setting in There's nothing I can do Just sit and feel pain run me through I often wished they were never born The thought of them not having no toys Their little hearts were torn I was young and I cried as well I didn't have a job But I prayed to the Lord that there'd be better days Yes, he gave me a reason to live He gave me a sign But I still think to that day when Chorus Brother and my Brother and my Brother and my Sister (repeats a lot) Chorus (repeats to fade out) .

The Boyz II Men - Cold December Nights

Cold december nights like this make me really scared You're not really there And my tree is really bare Another lonely night No gifts, no toys underneath my tree Can this really be I'm singing Christmas Carols And there's no Christmas for me Chorus: Why aren't you next to me Celebrating Christmas Why can't you see what hurts so bad How can you go without paying mind to my sorrow You can't imagine How I feel on this cold December night The stars shine bright as the night air And the thought of you not being here Makes me shed a tear And yet matters remain unclear About why you're gone Or if you'll ever return to this broken heart Life is so torn apart And God knows, Lord knows where I need to start re-building Chorus (repeats a lot and fades out) .

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The Boyz II Men - Do They Know

Do they know That Jesus was born on this day to save our lives Do they know That he carried the sins of the world upon his heart So that you and I could live And we'd have an alternative In this life Do they know what this day means Do they know where we've been and how it should be Tell me do they know Do they know we should love one another Do they know The world will be alright only if they know Do they know That sharing love to each other is how we all should live Do they know That the reason for giving is more than what you give And to you and your's this day On a very special holiday Give your love Chorus And Lord if they know Keep them in your care Keep them inside your heart And help them spread the word Chorus (repeats to fade) .

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The Boyz II Men - Who Would Have Thought

I fell in love On a very special day This feeling will never go away Now I can say That with you my love love, I'll always stay Look at me and tell me if I'm being deceived 'Cause right now this feelin' is hard to believe Chorus: Who would have thought it'd be this way? Oh, no I never thought I'd fall in love on Christmas day Who would have thought I'd fall in love on Christmas day? I can't believe That you are right here with me The star on my Christmas tree I wanna love you endlessly And that's the way I'll always want it to be (want it to be) Standing there when the lights from the tree Meets your eyes I can see That I only want you 'Cause you're all that I need Chorus I'd never fall in love on Christmas day I never thought I'd fall in love On Christmas, Christmas day I'd fall in love Chorus I know that Christ came down To endure my sins and shame And now my dear we fall in love On this very special day This day Do do do do do do do do do do do hey hey Thought it'd be this way Oh, no I never thought I'd fall in love I never thought I'd fall in love Who would have thought I'd fall in love on Christmas day? (Wanya ad libs for a long time and fades out) .

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The Boyz II Men - Silent Night

Silent night Holy night All is calm All is bright Round yon Virgin Mother and child Holy infant So tender and mild Sleep in heavenly peace Sleep in heavenly peace Silent night Holy night Round thy head Are radiant light Lovely boy with golden hair Parents guard thee with tender care Sleep now darling one sleep Sleep now darling one sleep .


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